After a few beers, a group of five friends, among them Jeff Gomes from Australia, decided to take part in the 1992 International Street Festival (ISF) in Sindelfingen. The reason for this was to have Australia duly represented at this Festival, which had over the past 16 years attracted organisations representing a large number of countries and their nationalities. It was finally time for Australia to be among them.

Our stand immediately attracted a great deal of attention, and we were surpised at the large number of visitors that already had an interest in Australia.    

Following this event , the "Deutsch-Australische-Freundschaft" Club (German-Australian Friendship Club) was registered at the B÷blingen District Court on April 1, 1993.  

Our Club's objective is to foster cultural and personal relationships between Germany and Australia in order to intensify the mutual understanding between the two nationalities. This objective was also clearly defined in the Club┤s articles of association (German only).

We aim to achieve this goal through the organisation of various events such as, Cultural programs with Australian and German artists, Australian wine tastings, participation at street festivals, barbeques etc.

Our regular club meetings offer our members and other friends of Australia a platform for the exchange all kinds of information.